Farms & Markets

Fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy products, wool, plants, and other farm products are available at the following locations near Broken Wheel Ranch. The availability of items at the farms and farmers markets depends on the time of year.

Downey Farm (on Downey Road between Mill Road and Route 22): Eggs, potatoes, onions, pumpkins, jellies and jams. Often has goose or duck eggs.

Pine Hill Farm (just around the corner on Millerton-Sharon Road aka Route 361): Eggs, honey, candles, soap, bee pollen, ground beef, pork sausage, cheese.

Daisi Hill Farm: Large selection of nursery and garden plants, small petting zoo (goats, rabbits, etc.), sweet corn and tomatoes in summer, pumpkins and pumpkin toss in autumn.

Silamar Farm Stand (on route 22 just south of Millerton): large selection of seasonal vegetables, ice cream, milk, cheese, eggs, farm-grown flowers.

Millerton Farmer’s Market: Saturday mornings in downtown Millerton, NY. Live music. (Visit their Facebook page).

Amenia Farmer’s Market: Friday evenings in downtown Amenia, NY. (Visit their Facebook page).

Paley’s Farm Market, Route 341, Sharon, CT: nursery and garden plants, grocery (milk, juice, produce, frozen foods, gourmet meats and cheeses, chips, crackers, bread and more; sweet corn and pumpkins in season; most products grown on premises or locally produced). Open April to October. Just minutes from the Bunkhouse.

MacEnroe Organic Farm Market, Route 22, Millerton, NY: grocery focused on wide selection of MacEnroe-grown organic meats (pork, lamb, beef, poultry); local and/or organic produce; selection of organic and natural canned and packaged goods; lunch counter offering selection of deli items and sandwiches. Open year round. Just minutes from the Bunkhouse.

Four Seasons Food (332 Main Street, Lakeville, CT): health food store featuring a wide selection of vitamins, personal care items and a small selection of specialty packaged foods.

Jam: A Food Shop: Gourmet groceries and prepared foods inside the Sharon Farm Market at the plaza in Sharon, CT. (Visit their Facebook page).

The Fish Guy: selling good fresh fish and seafood each Friday and Saturday afternoon from a truck parked on Main Street in Sharon, CT across from the Twin Oaks Diner.

Little Gates & Co. Wine, 34 Main Street, Millerton, NY: fine selection of wines and knowledgeable staff.

Salisbury Wines, Main Street, Salisbury, CT: fine selection of wines, also beer and spirits. Knowledgeable staff.

Freshtown Grocery, Amenia, NY: large grocery store carries all the national brands of everything from juice to bread to shampoo. Low prices for the area. Good selection of beers, including some less common and regional brands.

Sharon Farm Market: Groceries and deli, with the basics as well as gourmet and Asian selections. Located at the main plaza in Sharon, across from the gas station.